What Is Esquavi?

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Esquavi is a magazine for sharing beautiful things with beautiful people.

What Does Esquavi Mean?


Esquavi is a word I made up from a popular Latin phrase:

Esse quam videri

Which translates to:

To be, rather than to seem.

The beauty of a thing is in its originality. Click To Tweet

Your beauty shines when you are yourself.

So this magazine is a celebration of beautiful things.

What To Expect From Esquavi Magazine:

Esquavi Magazine

Expect beautiful pictures, videos, stories about everything.

About The Founder Of Esquavi:

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Hello Beautiful person.

I am Simba.

Simba Founder Of Esquavi Magazine

I grew up around beautiful works of art.

My father was an art collector as well as an art dealer.

My mother used to be a painter.

My siblings are artist.

Myself and my sister are the odd sheep of the family – we are not creative.

But I have a keen eye for beautiful things! 

That is what I will be sharing with you on this website and on Esquavi Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

About Esquavi Summary

Website Name: Esquavi

Website Homepage: https://esquavi.com

Primary Category: Magazine

Secondary: News & Media

Website Tagline: Enjoy Beautiful Today, Tomorrow, Forever!

Facebook Page: facebook.com/esquavi/

Pinterest Page: Pinterest.com/esquavi

Instagram Page: Instagram.com/simbaofesquavi