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Beautiful Destinations: Visit Scotland✈️

Scotland Has Been Declared The Most Beautiful Country By Rough Guide.

Beautiful Scotland

I should confess after visiting Scotland early in 2016 I was tempted to move to Edinburgh – it is that beautiful.

Shame about the cold harsh weather sometimes although it makes for a snowy Christmas.

I love travelling and Scotland is a place I will visit again.

I still remember the view of the city when I came out of Queen Street station in Edinburgh – it was amazing.

Beautiful Destinations Edinburgh City Scotland By Esquavi Magazine From FreePriceCompare
Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful place made more beautiful by the friendly Scottish people. Personally I found the accent in Glasgow difficult to understand compared to Edinburgh. I hear the accents get worse the further north you go!

beautiful destinations scottish people by esquavi magazine from the independent

I spent the first few nights in Glasgow, in a fancy hotel called Blythswood Square and me and Benjamin, who had invited me over, had a brilliant time.

Beautiful Destinations blythswood square Scotland by Esquavi Magazine

The first night I was treated to dinner at the famous Ubiquitous Chip.

I liked the atmosphere and the vibe of the place.

Restaurant: Ubiquitous Chip

Ben and his Scottish work colleagues tried to get to drink cocktails and all but having watched Trevor Noah’s sketch about how the Scots drink I was cautious the whole evening.

After a short stay in Glasgow I got on the train to the city of Edinburgh

I personally prefer Edinburgh.

Maybe its the castles, or the people, or both!

Beautiful Destinations Castles of Europe Edinburgh Castle Scotland by Esquavi Magazine From Reddit
Castles in Edinburgh, Scotland.

My stay in the country was short and sweet.

But I will definitely be going back again probably during the summer and explore other beautiful places.

Below are places that prompted Rough Guide, a travel guidebook, to declare the country the most beautiful country in the world.

Apparently it is the wild beaches, deep Lochs and craggy castles that make Scotland the most beautiful in the world.

Lets start with the beaches for your visit next year in 2018.

#1 Calgary Bay.

#2 Scarista Beach, Isle of Harris.

isle of harris golf course overlooking scarista beach isle of harris western isles outer hebrides highlands of scotland. Image shot 05/2011. Exact date unknown.
C48XWP isle of harris golf course overlooking scarista beach isle of harris western isles outer hebrides highlands of scotland.

#3 Loch Coruisk.

Beautiful Destinations Loch Coruisk in Scotland By Esquavi Magazine From Charlotte Ellis Photography

Let us head over to Glasgow.

#4 Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

Beautiful Destinations Botanic Gardens in Scotland by Esquavi Magazine

#5 Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow.

Beautiful Destinations Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow in Scotland by Esquavi Magazine

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of Scotland’s most popular free attractions and features 22 themed, state-of-the-art galleries displaying over 8,000 objects and artifacts.

#6 Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow.

Beautiful Destinations Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow Scotland by Esquavi Magazine

#7 Kelburn Castle.

beautiful destinations KELBURN CASTLE AND COUNTRY CENTRE in Scotland by Esquavi Magazine

#8 Drummond Castle Gardens.

Beautiful Destinations Drummond Castle Gardens Scotland Esquavi Magazine

#9 Dunvegan Castle Gardens.

Beautiful Destinations Dunrobin Gardens Scotland by Esquavi Magazine

#10 The Whaligoe Steps

beautiful destinations in scotland Whalligoe-Steps-Naomi-Spirit by Esquavi Magazine

#11 Rannoch Moor and Glencoe

Black Rock cottage and Buachaille Etive Mor mountain on Rannoch Moor in the Scottish Highlands, Scotland. Winter (December) 2016.

#12 Edinburgh Castle

Beautiful Destinations Edinburgh Castle in Scotland by Esquavi Magazine

Here are some important links if you are planning to visit the most beautiful country.

If you prefer to see some videos.

#1 Visiting Scotland

#2 Visiting Edinburgh

#3 Top 10 Things To Do

#4 The View From Above.

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